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Our Services

Security guards services, also known as courtesy officers, have become increasingly important in our society, and the security industry is one of the fastest growing in the state of Texas. Security guards protect our client's investment, enforce rules and policies on the property, and prevent criminal activity.

Commissioned -- Armed

Armed guards are specially trained in the use of firearms and licensed to carry firearms during their shift. They must be of an even temperament and should have a good understanding of the conditions surrounding the property they are protecting. Armed guards generally make more money than unarmed guards -- for obvious reasons.

Armed guards should only be used in situations requiring protection of money, jewelry, art works, firearms, or other objects which might attract armed robbers. 

Non-Commissioned  -- Unarmed

Non-Commissioned security guards are equally trained, without the handgun training course.  Are licensed through the state of Texas.  

Patrol Hits --  

Roving security officers are assigned to make random drive thru on various times per night, according to your needs.  Patrol hits is the least effective security services, however if it is agreed we will accommodate to your needs.

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